That first bite of nostalgia. Childhoods wrapped around favorite wrappers and the evolving palate of discovery.

Chocolate is not just a treat; and it truly is an emotion. Our inspiration comes from the purest of places, always guiding us as we create one exquisite chocolate creation after another.

Le Pure is a labour of love, and after years of being the preferred chocolatier of some of the country's top companies and gourmet stores, we're here to let customers experience the magic firsthand. So let your imagination flow, swirl, melt and snap – we're here to make your chocolate dreams come true.


Our heart and art lie with fine chocolate. Handpicked and sourced from cocoa plantations in Ghana, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Tanzania, and Columbia, our chocolate is crafted with love in India. Top-of-the-line technology and machinery from the USA and Italy, only accessible to some of the best chocolatiers in the world, give every creation at Le Pure a luxurious, premium taste and finish. Driven by her passion for fine chocolate, Vibha Jhunjunwala trained under prominent chefs from Europe, USA and India before setting up her own business. From fulfilling small orders for friends and family, Le Pure has grown to become the gifting partner to more than 50 organizations, live counters, and a retail presence at top gourmet stores in the country. Leading a team of more than 20 trained professionals, Vibha has mastered the art of creating magical flavour profiles and managing large-scale production while paying attention to the minute nuances of fine chocolate. From coating the smallest coffee bean with lush dark chocolate to creating larger-than-life chocolate sculptures, your imagination is the only limit at Le Pure.


We believe if you can imagine it, we can create it. Our dedicated team that lives, breathes and dreams chocolate is equipped to handle large orders along with micro-customization. Inspired by each special moment, occasion and festival, Le Pure reimagines chocolate and confections into bites of indulgent luxury that capture the essence of different celebrations through the year.Pick from carefully curated gift boxes, create custom flavours and packaging with our keen chocolatiers or enjoy the finest hand-painted bon-bons, exquisite dragées and distinctive single-origin bars all on your own.With innovation and passion at the helm of the Le Pure philosophy, we’re always ready to push the envelope and even put a chocolate-flavoured stamp on it! The next time you think chocolate, let it be Le Pure.