Refund & Cancellation

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Damaged / incorrect orders

We hope that you are happy with your order purchase. However, upon receiving your order and in case of any damaged, missing or incorrect products in your order, email or call on or 8181865865 within 24 hrs of the order having been delivered to you. We will scrutinize and evaluate the transaction.After approval refund will be initiated. The refund amount is calculated by deducting 20% (shipping and internet payment charges) from your original payment.

You shall not be entitled to cancel the order once you have received the confirmation from us. If an item you ordered is unavailable post confirmation of the order, we will inform you of such unavailability. In which case:

If You have made the payment: you will be entitled to cancel the order and refund of the full amount paid for the services.

We reserve our sole right to cancel your order if:

  1. The delivery address provided by you is not within the places of service.
  2. Failure to deliver your order due to the lack of necessary information.
  3. Unavailability of the items ordered.